We can produce your podcast. Hassle free. 


The easiest and best way to have a high quality podcast is to hire Spanners Ready Media to produce it for you. It could be as easy as you speaking into a Skype call and letting us do the rest.

missed Apex F1 Podcast

Spanners Ready Media can provide the following podcasting services:

  • Full editing to get rid of pauses and mistakes.

  • Mastering to provide a clean and even audio track.

  • Recording via Skype in our dedicated studio. You can record locally if you prefer.

  • Advice on how to record locally (As part of a paid production plan)

  • Management of Web Hosting (via a third party). No need to worry about uploading or RSS feeds. Your show will appear on iTunes and all the major podcast apps.

  • Advice on equipment.

  • Multi Person shows via a group internet call.

  • Live Video Stream with a chat room for your listeners to comment live.

  • Advice on equipment and software as part of the initial set up process.

  • Voice talent in the form of a host to ask you questions (or similar). We have British and American talent available.

Listen to the clip below to hear what we have provided for a current client. We recorded him via Skype and provided a host to talk to him about his subject matter.

A Dad's View Podcast 4 panelists from the UK and US

Email now for a quote using spannersready@gmail.com or fill out the form below with your requirements.

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