Russian F1 GP Race Review

There was this race apparantly.....but honestly we had nothing to do with it......we were just innocent tourists visiting the sunny climes of this Black Sea beach and borscht resort....honest. But there was a race...At least that was the rumour. We're told that it was very, er, interesting....depending on who you were and when you got up. We heard that there was a Max attack from the back of the pack, that Vettel was vanquished, again...and that Charlie the clerk is making him sweat, already. We also heard wispers that Kimi & Ricci have filed a joint patent for a cloak of racing invisibitity, But again, this is all just speculation because we weren't there, we're just humble tourists...honest. There are, however, two things we are sure of and they are: 1. Bottas got cheated and B) Lewis got the glory. But hey, that's racing for you. Find out what the might MAP brains trust has to say about it. Just press the play button. And please like, subscribe and share.