Italian GP Race Review

It was Italy, it was Monza and it was supposed to be a red letter day for the prancing horse and it was...for about 30 seconds, and then Hammy went whammy and Seb, like a deb, went spinning across the dance floor. Kimi was doing well until Lewis and the Merc brought out their secret weapon and unleashed the robotass onto him. He never stood a chance and Hammy flew home in front. At the back Ricky was fairly motoring along....until he wasn't, and he was left clutching at straws, RoGro got involved in a haasle with the F1 police and was floored when he was sent home for being a very naughty boy, which meant that both Williams' cars ended up in the points (shock horror). So here, for your edification, is what a non partisan impartial panel made of the goings on...and if you believe that they're non partisan and impartial then I've got a great deal on a bridge just for you. You just got to pick it up from Brooklyn. See you in 2 weeks time for a couple of Singapore slings and an after dark racy thing.