Inside F1 with Joe Saward Ep21


An Audience with Joe

An Audience with Joe London 2018. Download a live recording of Joe talking to a live audience in the Strand Palace Hotel.

Guess what kids...Uncle Joe's been a visitin'. He dropped into the MAP shed last night and brought with him a grab bag full of news, gossip, rumours and ruminations from deep within the bowels of the F1 beast. He started off by admitting that yes, the halo did do what it was designed to do....but is still ugly AF, which then leads on to an in depth discussion on the topic of driver daring-do verses driver dollarydoos. He also shared some of his unique F1 financial insights into the Rabid Rabbit Force Strollia sale and rebirth and he had some sage advice for Papa Stroll about what to do with his Lance (stop've all got very dirty minds). Finally he takes his turn at the newest game to sweep the F1 paddock by storm...Who'll be where and when and why? So find a comfy place to exist for an hour and turn your attention to Inside F1 with Joe Saward Ep.21.