Belgian Race Review

Spanners and Trumpets are joined by Sparkles, Jeansy and ace video editor Steve Amey to take a wild, Alonso-esque look at the Belgian Grand Prix. From the the flight of Fernando to the trick Ferrari, no stone goes unturned and no McLaren goes unhurled. Discover where the race was one and lost, find out what expensive NEW thing Ferrari has done to add performance and learn if Ocon may just have made the biggest mistake of his career (according to Jeansy). Sparkles goes all in on quali, whose fault is it sets the new track record for shoutiness and in general we all agree that Jeansy will always find a new way to sabotage his mute button. There are Things, and Ponies and Missed Apexes galore in this all star edition along with a record setting Race in 60!!!