Hungarian GP Race Review

Join Spanners, Trumpets, Sparkles along with Vettel beating Nordschleife driving race car driver Bradley Philpot and long suffering Ferrari fan Nick “Numbers” Alexander as they make the goulash for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Discover what REALLY kept Vettel from having a chance to win (hint: it’s the same thing that ruins your commute) whether Mercedes was right to pit Bottas so early (to quote Brad “it depends”) and just how hard it is to be a Ferrari fan at the moment (yes, it’s THAT hard). The panel dive into the increasingly tortured relationship (can we even use that word anymore) between Red Bull and Renault, decide whose fault all the things are (after a less than succinct, but quite detailed, lecture from Brad)  and, of course, have many, many awards to give out to all your favorite teams and drivers. Oh, and if you’re out and about next Saturday in the vicinity of London, do come catch us live at Buckmore Park, 11 AM!!!!