Inside F1 with Joe Saward Ep20

After more than a month, and 17,000 kilometres on the road (spent largely in an aging Prius) uncle Joe drops into the shed for a well deserved rest stop before jumping in the petrol driven bat(tery)mobile again and heading for Germany. After a Brew Dog or two and a glass of special red tea  (Chateaux Le Chunda - 2012), he and Spanners decide that the team's pantech motor homes (hospitality suites) are well past their use by date and that the teams should stop phaphing about and spend that money on (as Clarkson would say) SPEED, MORE SPEED.....and they both agree that drivers get it easy and that they should stop picking there noses and playing video games, and give a bit of time back to the fans, and to struggling little independent podcasts. So grab a glass and help me finish of the Chateaux Le Chunda as we watch Spanners and Joe right all the wrongs of F1 today. Bottoms up!

Joe Saward joins Missed Apex to give you a fantastic insight into the world of formula 1 from a man who has been reporting from every GP since 1988. No podcast brings you closer to the paddock.