Spanish GP Race Review

Join Spanners as he Trumpets and Sparkles, along with special chat room host Justin, examine the ins and outs of the Spanish Grand Prix. Discover why RoGro crossed the road, what caused Vettel to two stop (Spanners favourite object) and whether or not Friday practices mean anything (hint: they do if you pay attention). Also the panel dissect whether F1TV or Williams was the greater tragedy on the weekend (answer: yes) and discover whether or not Trumpets could possibly come up with enough race to fill the full race in 60 seconds (answer: yes, but according to the FIA half his material is now banned for Monaco). Finally, there’s a spirited game of whose fault is it (hint: no fair blaming Ericsson this time) along with the usual podium awards and a very special COTW, which Spanners finally remembered to do before the end of the show.