Japanese F1 GP Race Review

Spanners, Trumpets and Jake ‘no really, I’m wearing this hat unironically” Sanson plunge deep into the rabbit hole while examining all the goings on at the Japanese Grand Prix. From the heights of glory to the depths of despair, the trajectory of Vettel’s weekend goes under the microscope, Kmags awful terrible Grand Prix gets the scrutiny it deserves (and amidst all the blaming Trumpets goes full Zapruder in defense of the HAAS driver), and, of course, a robust exploration of the many radio moods of Verstappen along with a new leader of the Formula B championship, all in the latest, action packed episode!!

Kimi inspired Japanese GP Haiku

The race started well
The Mercs stormed to the lead
Seb was quite fast too.

Max was a big dill
At the first lap last chicane
Blamed it on Kimi

And he KO'd Seb
Going into the spoon curve
And then took no blame

Danny came home fast
He beat both prancing ponies
The knackery for them

Ham was the winner
Suzuka suits him quite well
He will be champion soon

Finnish Haiku sucks
So give us a break Kimi
The fish are all dead.

That's it for today
Now I'm off for some sushi
And a snooze in the hay