Inside F1 with Joe Saward Ep23

Uncle Joe is on his way to CDG and from there he'll be winging it to AUS in the middle of the Texan flatland. Before he left he threw on his chaps, grabbed a jug of moonshine and visited Spanners in the Little Shed On The Prairie and as they supped they sussed out the complicated goings on in the world of F1. They firstly opine on the stringing up of George 'The Duffer' Russell(er) on the old Williams tree....and for more than a year too. They then come up with a great plan to make F1 more popular in Merica...they're gonna deep fry it! 😂 And Joe spills the beans on old man Strulovitch's secret life of Swiss solitude before conceding that the new fangled W series motorised buggy championship would probably feature women driving the buggies. So grab a jug of whatever makes you smile, share it round and join Joe and Spanners on Inside F1 Ep.23. Y'all come back now, ya hear?