Italian F1 GP Race Review

Spanners, Trumpets, Chris “ChrisonRacing” Stevens and ever the debutante Nick “Numbers” Alexander are on hand to discuss all the amazeball events of the 2019 Italian Grand Prix. From the hilarity of Q3 to the absurdity of Vettel’s spin, from the epic race long battle at the front to Leclerc’s crowning win the panel leave no steward’s decision unscrutinised in this, the latest episode of Missed Apex Podcast. 

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Tech Time with Matthew Somerfield

Trumpets and Somers get to grips with the latest and greatest in tech F1 after the German Grand Prix. From Mercedes crushing rate of development, to Red Bull’s resurgence, from HAAS dual spec approach to why McLaren might have the jump on Renault no bit of aero furniture goes unmarked in this, the latest episode of Tech Time with SomersF1. Please consider supporting Missed Apex at

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German F1 GP Race Review

Well an epic race deserves an epic podcast and after the extraordinary spectacle of the latest Grand Prix, Spanners, Trumpets, Kyle “Edgy” Power and ace VLN champ Bradley Philpot are there to do just that, deconstructing the race in their own, inimitable fashion. From the weather to the wipeouts, from a double podium to Williams first points of the year (and for Kubica no less), the panel takes on all the twists, turns and more than occasional Safety Cars of the German Grand Prix in this, the latest episode of Missed Apex Podcast.

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F1 Subreddit AMA with Joe Saward

Missed Apex F1 teamed up with Reddit r/formula1 to bring you an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with paddock legend Joe Saward. Joe is on fine form answering the questions posed by the massive F1 Subreddit community.

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Austrian F1 GP Race Review

Spanners and Trumpets are joined by the remarkably elusive Chris Stevens and newly childified Chris “Catman” Turner as the discuss every twist, turn and failed exhaust sensor of the Austrian Grand Prix. From Norris’ duel with Hamilton to the remarkable race of Carlos Sainz, from the epically disastrous race of HAAS to the immaculate pass of Verstappen (well, OK that one depends on the colour of the shirt you wore) no bit of clag goes unturned in this, the latest episode of Missed Apex Podcast!

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F1 News and French Race Preview

Spanners and Trumpets are joined by Kyle “Edgy” Powers and ace video producer Steve Amey as they explore all the fun in the run up to the French Grand Prix. From Renault’s new found pace, to Hulkenberg’s missed opportunity, from whether we’re really being treated to a Bottas 2.0 to how on earth a cost cap might work, the panel gets down and dirty (and even talks tyres) with the grittiest details on this, the latest episode of Missed Apex Podcast!

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