Real-time 'ghost' racing gaming is now a thing

Words: Craig Alderson
Images: Renault Sport

Formula E today revealed plans for their virtual racing game on Mobile, Tablet and PC, and rather remarkably it means the player can race and participate during an actual Formula E race.

Telemetry data is taken from live sessions during an E-Prix, and then used in the simulation, effectively allowing the user to race against some of the best drivers in the world in a virtual Formula E car. It is also claimed by the makers that players can jump back in and replicate scenarios from previous races too.

Sports broadcaster Virtually Live have been commissioned to collect and transmit the data, live from the races. Formula E have yet to set a launch date for the game, but for those interested in participating can following this link to register.

No doubt Formula 1 majority owners Liberty Media will be keen to see just how well this type of live fan involvement is received. Formula E’s following is vastly limited compared to the ‘pinnacle of motorsport’, but if a similar game were to be launched for an F1 weekend, the potential to bring a much needed younger demographic into the sport could be brilliantly answered.