Silverstone loses to Shanghai to host 1000th Championship race

Words: Craig Alderson

Since the time Liberty Media have taken over the management of Formula One they have been trying to bring the sports to more and more people and making all the efforts to amplify races. With Formula One set to see lights out for the 1000th time next year they are pulling out all the stops to make it a grand one.

According to a report by Alan Baldwin published on UK Reuters yesterday, F1 bosses mulled over hosting the 1000th race at the Silverstone, as the circuit hosted the first ever race.

China is a great place to race. It’s part of our future and we’re excited about going there for that particular race.
— Sean Bratches

While the plan sounded alluring, it hit a roadblock.  Hosting the 1000th race at Silverstone means moving the race at the circuit from July to April. And as the past experience suggests April is not the month to hold the race owing to treacherous weather. In the year 2000 when the race was held in April, people found it difficult to reach the circuit and the car parks turned in to fields of mud. The April weather will deter people from coming to the circuit and grandeur of the celebration will lose its lustre.

Sport’s managing director Sean Bratches said “Silverstone was the first grand prix and we would have liked to see the 1,000th go back to the first...I think there's a nice story and a nice harmony there.”

"But when I was told, being a relatively new Brit, that the weather is sub-optimal in April, they warded me off that quickly." said Bratches.

While Silverstone loses due to weather condition, the honour of hosting the race will go to China which is a key market for sport’s growth. "China is a great place to race. It's part of our future and we're excited about going there for that particular race.” he added.

The 1000th race will be represented as a general theme throughout the whole 2019 season.