Was it Worth it? Making the Canadian Race Review

Spanner’s Log.

The Morning After: The Canadian Review Production Experience

A ruthless negotiator 

A ruthless negotiator 

On Monday after the race review show I was utterly exhausted. The post production of the show combined with an utterly inexplicable feed error kept me from my bed until 1.30am. At 2am my 4 year old daughter decided to open negotiations. She wanted to sleep in our bed. I wanted to not have tiny feet kicking me all night. The exchange cost me 2 reward stickers for her chart. Both parties returned to their own beds with a sense of victory.

She woke me at 6am.

We had a plan when we started the Missed Apex Podcast. We would do our race review podcast on a Sunday night. It wasn’t going to be a team by team report or a minute by minute, blow by blow account. I’ve never really seen the point of shows like that. To my mind I just watched the race so I saw the minute by minute play out in real time. It also wouldn’t be a heavily prepared show. Just an immediate and fun reaction to the major talking points of the weekend with a few bullet points to organise the chat.

The routine is; Watch the race in the daytime, spend the rest of the day with family and then settle down in the evening to record our review with a glass of wine. Normally we wrap up at 9pm and I spend about an hour on some light post-production. I don’t do a full edit but I do note down during recording, moments that aren’t appropriate like swear words or Chris Stevens’ opinion (both equally offensive). 

At the time of making this plan no one remembered that a few of the races were on in the evening in the UK. The Canadian GP would end at close to 9pm and the lads weren’t available the next day on Monday so we pushed on despite work the next day.

We started at 9.30pm and due to some horrendous messing around (from a Thunderbeast that shall remain unnamed) we started 10 minutes late. I try to keep it to an hour. I failed.

We ran 80 untidy minutes. My note pad that normally has 2 or 3 edits to make was littered with things that had to go or be fixed. Part of that was the storm that kept knocking the internet out but a lot of it was simply high spirits. It took nearly 2 hours to tidy up the file and prepare the posts at which point I saw a bizarre error on my hosting site that took 20 minutes to figure out.

So it was an endurance test and a scrap but it was worth it. We got a day’s head start on most podcasts which is a big boost in helping us grow. There are a lot of podcasts out there so I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think we had something to offer. I hope people have fun when they listen and I hope people have fun when they chat live or call in. I want it to be a place where listeners can interact. At the moment we are getting a smattering of calls and a fairly active live chat room. If the amount of calls increases we will adapt to accommodate them. There’s no party line and the panel are free to argue and disagree, as are our callers. The Hippo called in last night to tell me I’m biased towards Hamilton (..and?). That’s all good. It’s boring if everyone agrees with you.

As long as the podcast is safe to listen to around children I don’t mind where the discussion goes because I seem to have a great time whichever way we end up running. In Matt Trumpets we have a reliable rock around which to have an actual informed F1 discussion but each of the panel offers their own benefits. . Behind the scenes we have a nice crew of well-informed F1 fans. Apart from Matt and I we’ve had 7 different panellists in 11 shows. They are all part of the crew and help out a bunch when not on the panel. It’s great knowing there is a big pool of interesting people to bring in week to week.

In our little crew we have a wide spectrum of F1 opinion and we chat nearly every day in whatsApp or in the Missed Apex Podcast facebook group. Already we have a growing group of engaged listeners who all really seem to get the spirit of what we are trying to create. Even disagreements have been conducted with respect. I love that. Interact with the show as if a 6 year old can hear every word you say or type and try not to cause stress to someone on the internet who as far as you know is jumping online to get away from the awful day they are having.

If I could increase anything on the show it would be to get more callers. People don’t seem to like Skype so I will buy (gulp) a Skype phone number that you can call from a phone.  We are 11 shows in and I’m having a ball. I have high hopes that this will be a fantastic addition to my F1 fan experience (and yours) for a long time to come.

Regards Spanners.

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