Spanners Ready


Spanners (His Mum calls him Richard) is a presenter and audio producer operating out of a small studio in Central Bedfordshire. Spanners is best known for founding and presenting the popular Formula One podcast ‘Missed Apex’. Spanners is the current pit lane reporter for the British Rental Kart Championship (BRKC) and recently presented the preview video for the event. 
He also narrates audio-books including the fantasy detective series ‘Beaumont and Beasley’. His studio known as ‘The Shed’ produces educational audio specialising in English learning audio with Spanners leading a team of voice over artists and audio engineers.

Missed Apex Podcast

This lively and organised podcast has grown from nothing at the start of 2016 to having over 60,000 downloads in November. Spanners started podcasting in 2012 with podcasts focusing on the adventures of parenting culminating in the off key ‘Dad Hub’ podcast. Spanners has been podcasting about motorsport since 2014. As Well as formula One Spanners founded and hosted ‘eRadioShow’ that covers FormulaE and oversaw the production of MotoGp podcast ‘Lean Angle’. Spanners is closely associated with DownforceUk making several appearances on comedy motorsport show ‘Pitbored’ and helping advise on the technical side of audio production. 

Spanners has embraced the on-camera side of presenting with Missed Apex running a video live stream with every show. Spanners finds particular joy in interviewing people and thankfully Missed Apex has attracted many F1 personalities including Marc Priestly, Will Buxton, Jack Nicholls, Alan McNish, Joe Saward and even Former Lotus F1 boss Matthew Carter.

Narration and Voice overs

Spanners voices and produces audiobooks as part of The Shed’s audio productions. Currently working on the sequel to Kyle Robert Shultz’s fantasy detective novel ‘The Beast of Talesend’. The sequel ‘Tales of the Sea Witch’ is out in time for Christmas 2017. Spanners has lent his voice to advertisements  as a freelancer to many international and UK clients.

Education Audio

The Shed has a team of 4 voice over artists and 3 audio engineers  that produces bespoke high quality exam and practice audio.