Spanners' Bets For Britain

The British Grand Prix is here! As a proud Englishman there can be no greater or more important weekend of racing. I just wish my wife agreed. I will be spending Sunday at a music festival. She claims she didn’t see the race marked in the calendar.


It’s there sweetheart. It’s there…


Enough of my problems Let’s get on with my bets for the weekend. Play along


Here’s how this works.

·No Money Comes to me. Use your own bookie.

·You can only deposit £6 per race to top up to the original £6

·Winnings can roll over and be used for larger bets the following weekend. So if you double up this week then you have £12 to play with the following week

·Track your own results. If you tell me you won a billion Euros I’ll believe you.

·Minimum of 2 separate bets per weekend


Here are my Bet’s for the British GP weekend.

All odds this week are from Paddy Power. Other bookmakers are available.


Alonso to be classified- No. 9/4

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Fernando doesn’t have a dog in the fight and couldn’t care less about finishing outside the top 10. Expect a ‘battery’ failure on lap 53.



Torro Rosso First car to Retire. 6/1

Something’s not working for the baby Bulls. Kvyat is still a little volatile and the overall package seems fragile.



Pascal to score. 6/1

We’re seeing something Special here aren’t we. Forget Max, this is the youngster we should all be raving about. I’m not betting on attrition. I’m betting on talent.



Hamilton win.  Evens

Anything more than odds against is always good for a Lewis win. The boy is on fire when not in a Baku wall. On pace alone Lewis is the clear favourite.



Please Gamble Responsibly