Spanners' Bets for Germany

By Spanners Ready

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D Ricciardo to Win £1 (£2 total) Each Way 12/1

I know it's Max making the headlines but Daniel is still the best racing car driver at Red Bull. If either Merc has a problem then it's the lead Red Bull that is best placed to  pick up 2nd or first place. (Each Way Terms 1/3 places 1,2).

Kvyat to be Classified NO £1 6/4

Origin UK

In my little mind I've been wondering if the Torro Rosso team have any interest in seeing Kvyat finish a race or do well. He's been vocal in his criticism of the Red Bull organisation so I wondered if a bet on him not finishing was worthwhile. I checked the odds and the bookies agree. 6/4 to NOT be classified is amazingly short, the shortest in fact for any driver to not be classified. 


Perez Top 6 £1 6/4

McLaren have had their little perfect storm moment. Expect Force India to resume their mid season charge. And by Force India I mean Perez. 

Renault Double Points Finish £1 50/1

Palmer says that Renault have taken a huge leap forward. OK sunshine I'm going to trust you. Combine this with allegations that Renault are using increased peak fuel flows to close the gap and it starts to look like a tasty bet. Will require some attrition. 

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