Spanners’ Bet’s for the Hungarian GP

Welcome to my £5 challenge. I place my bets before a single car has taken to the track. Play along at home.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is one of the most fascinating races to try and bet on since Monaco. There a lot of ways this weekend could play out. The teams can bolt a load of downforce on here and not be penalised on the short straights.

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This plays nicely to Red Bull’s strengths. I’ve heard (forth hand) that Red Bull are super confident of a win this weekend which makes either of their drivers a tempting bet at 4/1 (especially if it rains) but I still feel that the Mercedes lads have plenty more in their back pocket. Whenever it looks like the gap is closing they have the ability to pull out an upgrade and maintain the gap.

We might see teams like Force India, Williams and Manor struggle but I still expect a strong show from Perez.

If there was a betting option for ‘Ferrari to be woeful’ I would have taken it.

Here are my bets from BET365 for the Hungarian GP:

Rosberg to win. 10/3

I don’t think he actually will win however the odds represent value when you consider the reliability issues Mercedes have been having. If it’s a dry race and Hamilton has an issue then 10/3 will start to look like a proper bargain.

Button to beat Alonso. 1/1

The lack of power from the Honda Lump might not be the disadvantage here that it was in Britain two weeks ago but I’m still convinced Alonso has run out of passion for the season and Button is fighting as if it was a championship season.

Carlos Sainz Top 6 finish. 4/1

The top 4 will be the Mercs and the Bulls. Vettel will drag his Ferrari to 5th and the 6th place slot will be a fight between the Baby Bulls, Perez and Grandpa Kimi.

Rio Haryanto to beat Pascal Wehrlein. 5/2

Come on Rio! Rio, you are my boy! Pascal looks like he’s setting up to be the next big thing but little Rio isn’t doing all that bad. I hope he gets the chance to show that he can be a solid driver next season against a less mega talented teammate.