Spanners' Bets for Austria

Austria isn’t the most thrilling prospect on the F1 calendar, but after the disappointment of a Baku GP that promised so much I’m confident Austria will at least be a step up in terms of Entertainment.

Hamilton has looked the faster on pace since this somewhat freakish layout entered the scene, however his advantage is not so high as to make up for his recent poor starts and the prospect of another erratic qualification performance as witness in the European GP.

Here’s how this works.

·         No Money Comes to me. Use your own bookie.

·         You can only deposit £6 per race to top up to the original £6

·         Winnings can roll over and be used for larger bets the following weekend. So if you double up this week then you have £12 to play with the following week

·         Track your own results. If you tell me you won a billion Euros I’ll believe you.

·         Minimum of 2 separate bets per weekend

Here are my Bet’s for the £6 challenge for the Austrian GP weekend.

All odds this week are from Paddy Power. Other bookmakers are available.

Alonso to be classified- No. 2/1 £2

2/1 on Alonso to DNF?! Oh yes. Fernando has no desire to finish races out of the points this season and Honda will be nowhere on the power hungry Red Bull Ring. Expect a ‘mysterious’ technical fault around lap 60.

Both Mercedes on the Podium. 8/11 £2

The only risk here is a retirement. Even if they both start from the pit lane you can expect both cars in the top 3 on a track that will suit Toto’s boys.

Bottas Podium. 6/1 £1

Value bet alert! Williams may well be strong here if they accept they are terrible at adding downforce and treat this race like 400 consecutive rocket launches. If Williams out performs the Red Bulls and Kimi, then Bottas is one Rosberg/Hamilton collision away from the podium.

Hamilton Pole 5/4 £1

All things being equal, Lewis is two tenths faster over a single lap around here.

Good luck and gamble responsibly