Spanners' Bets for Baku £6 challenge

*No cash is paid to me, please use your own bookie and gamble responsibly. The maximum deposit for this challenge is £6 per race. Only top up if your balance falls below £6. Minimum of 2 separate bets*.

So I’m slightly late with my bets this week because… look I forgot ok! I’m currently not looking at FP1 as I type this so I’m betting blind. You can play along with the benefit of having seen some practice laps.

It’s a new track that looks like it has some serious challenges. I do share some of the driver concerns. I’m not one of these people that think death has to be a constant threat to make it interesting. Yes there’s a thrill inherent in the danger and risk but I’ve always been much more interested in the sport of it. I would rather go my whole life without seeing another driver die on track even there is a cost attached to that.

In an era where we rate safety and make great pains to ensure that the drivers survive very violent impacts, I’m a little surprised that we are racing at a track where the risk seem unusually high.

That said the track looks exciting and it should be an amazing spectacle. My balance from last week is £11.32 so I can bet above the £6 initial bet. Those who lost last week may only top up to £6. Here are  £10 worth of bets for the European GP:

£2. Against Both McLarens to be classified. 5/4

I found this offer on Bet365. I almost can’t believe it. Better than Even money for one of the Honda tractors to DNF? Shut up and take my money. Amazing value bet considering Alonso couldn’t be bothered to finish in Canada.

£1. Winning Margin between 5 and 10 seconds. 2/1

I don’t normally bet on these but here’s my theory; Rosberg will not do well here. A new track, a street circuit, and no previous data. Therefore it will be Hamilton leading Vettel or a Red Bull and managing the gap at 6 seconds as he seems to like to do.

£4. Max Verstappen to Retire first. 16/1

The boy clearly has talent but he writes cheques his talent can’t yet cash. I’m throwing some cash at this due to the tight Baku track. For those on Palmer watch, his odds to retire first are just 9/1, The bookies do not rate Mr Palmer.

£3. Qualifying margin over 0.2 seconds. 13/8

I can’t see Nico matching Lewis on a track like this for pure pace. I predict a comfortable Pole margin for #44

Good luck everyone please leave your selection below in the comments.