There's no conspiracy at Mercedes but that's ok.

Any evidence against the conspiracy is in fact further proof OF the conspiracy.


Toto Wolf called those claiming a conspiracy at Mercedes, Lunatics. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton wrote open letters trying to convince people that everything was above board. But can we have any sympathy with those who think something is not as it seems.

Conspiracies do happen. It was two years before Nelson Piquet Jnr came out and admitted he deliberately caused a safety car in Singapore. The President of the United States quit when a conspiracy turned out to be true. Then he cried on TV.

It’s very common for humans to believe in conspiracies. A lot of them can have convincing rhetoric on the surface. Listen to a 9/11 ‘truther’. They will reel off several questions to arouse suspicion but on the whole most of what they are doing is anomaly hunting. Any pattern they spot that is in any way unexpected is proof of the conspiracy.

9/11 wasn’t an inside job. The evidence that the truther presents is easily dealt with but you have to grind through each anomaly one by one. That’s why it’s so hard to debate them. It only takes a second to cast doubt. It takes a lot longer to produce a sound argument. But do I blame them entirely? No not entirely. I think they need to work harder to answer a lot of the more obviously incorrect parts of the conspiracy but in their defence the US military DID once draw up plans to fake terror acts in order to attack Cuba. Formula one teams have probably messed with drivers in the past.

Lewis fans certainly are not the first people to accuse a team of tampering with a car. Pastor at Williams. Alonso fans during his first stint at McLaren. There are loads of times fans or individuals have tried to justify their drivers bad luck or bad form on a deliberate sabotage.

I think it stems from how highly people rate their favourite drivers. People think Alonso is a driving God. To be fair, he’s pretty good. How then is it possible for a young guy to come in and match Alonso in his first season? It hurts the Alonso fan. It actually causes physical pain in their mind. The cognitive dissidence between the result they are seeing and the knowledge of Alonso’s Godliness is painful. So they need something to resolve the issue. The suggestion appears that his car is being tampered with! This allows the fan to bridge the gap between the poor result and the inner expectation of what the result should be. The pain resolves.

It’s easier to do in motorsport than tennis became there is the mystery of the working parts. From your sofa, anything could have happened to that car or engine. And so on to Lewis; Assuming there is no conspiracy we are seeing an amazing run of bad luck. Bad mechanical luck before this season has hit the #6 car and the #44 car fairly evenly. But trust the tired eyes of one who has played entirely too much roulette… runs of 8 or 9 reds in a row do happen. It’s a 50/50 but it is entirely possible (in fact inevitable) that runs of one colour will persist. That’s what’s happening to Lewis. A Shocking run of bad luck. It hurts. It hurts Lewis fans of which I am one. Our man should be able to conquer everything. It’s easy to see how people reach for a reason to resolve the pain.

The other side of the Lewis Hamilton war also has their own conspiracies. Let’s not forget that many insisted until they were red in their ruddy little noses that Mercedes had ordered Nico Rosberg to give up the win in Monza. He even (so the conspiracy goes) had a practice lock up earlier in the weekend. All this was a punishment for bursting Lewis’ tire in Spa. The Lewis ‘haters too, had to resolve the pain of understanding how much more pace Lewis had in Monza.

I don’t believe this conspiracy either. But I did see how much they all came out and called Nico every name under the sun. This incident shows how much Lewis is their golden boy. They love Lewis. He’s everything a team wants. Fast, stylish and a publicity magnet. They aren’t holding him back. It would be far too obvious to just have his engine breaking. I still believe that if neither car has any more issues Lewis has the pace to win the title. Will the tin foil hat crew admit they were wrong when he does? Of course not. That will only deepen the conspiracy. I predict mutterings of a cover up of the original plot. This is how some humans are. When Lewis is winning you see the other end of the see saw with their own little conspiracies.

I’ll leave the final word to my co-host Matt Trumpets.

“I’ll bet on incompetence over conspiracy every time”.

Regards Spanners